Gregor von Schwech, LL.M. (Commerical Law)

Gregor is a certified specialist in Criminal Law (Fachanwalt) and holds a Masters degree in Commercial law (University of Wales, Cardiff).

He works almost exclusively in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure law and is therefore a proven expert in this field. He is the all-rounder among specialists: in commercial criminal law, he offers companies and their executives a high level of strategic procedural competence. In addition, he has worked on several hundred cases in classic criminal defense and therefore has extensive experience in preliminary investigations as well as court proceedings in any stage.

His nationwide work as a defense attorney, corporate attorney, witness counsel and consultant includes all stages of criminal proceedings.

However, if possible, Gregor intervenes as early as possible. Avoiding publicity and protecting the reputation of clients is the primary goal, especially in white collar crime matters.

Gregor is admitted to all district, regional and higher regional courts in Germany. Correspondence languages ​​are German, English, Spanish and Italian.

Gregor von Schwech
Gregor von Schwech


  • 1993 – 1998 Law studies, University of Trier
  • 1993 – 1996 English and Spanish legal terminology (FFA I + II), University of Trier
  • 1998 1st state exam
  • 1999 – 2000 Masters degree (LL.M. in Commercial Law), University of Wales, Cardiff 
  • 2000 – 2002 Legal clerkship, Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf
  • Lawyer in Düsseldorf since 2002

Current training courses & further education

  • Current information on the Narcotics (Drugs) Act – 2021
  • Defense against Asset Foreclosure - 2021
  • Money Laundering & Money Laundering Compliance – 2021
  • Prosecution of so-called clan crime
  • Latest developments in regulatory offenses & traffic criminal law - 2020
  • Annual overview of the most important decisions in criminal law and criminal procedure law - 2020
  • Corona behind bars – 2020
  • Sexuality and Punishment - 2020
  • Interaction in criminal proceedings – 2019
  • Regensburg theses on criminal proceedings – 2019-
  • Symposium on Forensic Psychiatry - crimes at the workplace
  • Psychology in criminal proceedings
  • The disputed main hearing in criminal proceedings