Employment law

We are specialist in employment law which gives us a detailed knowledge and understanding of the legal principles affecting your case. Our experience, knowledge and industry insight means we will make the right judgment calls when we need to. Companies with an international background appreciate our intercultural knowledge and approach.


Many law firms advise and represent employees. However, our point of difference is that we work with a wide range of employees: senior executives, board directors, clinical consultants, partners as well as workers who are facing work challenges which, left unchecked, could destroy their careers. It is our objective to help you resolve these challenges and help you move on with your career free from impediment.


Our experience in many different business sectors (Medical & Health care, Technology & Start ups, Heavy Industry, Trade & Commerce) will make it likely that our employment lawyers will have come across a situation like yours before and will know what to do. Despite our experience, we are a small firm. Every client is important to us and we strive to reflect that in the exceptional service we deliver. It seems to work; our client base is constantly growing and includes employers from start-ups to multinationals.

What we offer

We believe that nobody knows the details of your case better than you do – especially     when it comes to the key facts and understanding of the involved personalities. Our lawyers highly value all the information our clients provide and will put that knowledge to the best use. Our main goal is to identify all necessary facts and to develop a customized legal solution and we understand that often even the smallest piece of insight can make the biggest difference. We take the time to get to know you and the details of your case. Our lawyers are straightforward, down-to-earth and approachable.

Dismissals, Termination and Negotiated Departures

When it’s time to part company with an employee, let us help you.  We can advise you on the best approach and support your firm through the complete process, ultimately minimising business disruption and managing risk.

Bespoke Employment Contracts and amendments

Well-drafted employment documentation is a proven and essential business protection both for companies as well as for employees- that can prevent many employment problems before they arise.  Let us help draft a customized contract for your special needs.

Protecting You in the Courts

Sometimes, litigation cannot be avoided.  Whether there is a need to protect confidential information, defend your business against employee claims or to seek for protection against unlawful termination we will use our experience and knowledge for the best possible result.